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Feature install fails


I am trying to build openaylight coretutorials(lithium build) and the install ncmount application by adding it's feature repository to ODL (distribution-karaf-0.3.0-Lithium) from karaf console. But when I fire the command feature:install odl-ncmount, I get the below error. Can somebody please help me on how to fix this.

Error executing command: Error resolving artifact org.opendaylight.yangtools:features-yangtools:xml:features:0.7.5-SNAPSHOT: Could not find artifact org.opendaylight.yangtools:features-yangtools:xml:features:0.7.5-SNAPSHOT in defaultlocal (file:/home/sdn/distribution-karaf-0.3.0-Lithium/system/)

Regards, Kushal Kumar, TCS