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Packet Out to OVS


I am using PacketProcessingService.transmitPacket() to send a packet out from my application to my OVS. But I do not see it received on the OVS side. I have configured the right datapath ID on the OVS side. The logic I am using is:

private PacketProcessingService serviceval;
public static final String Testing = "123123123123123123123123123";
BigInteger datapathId = new BigInteger("0123456789abcdef", 16);
InstanceIdentifier<node> nodeInstId = identifierFromDatapathId(datapathId);
TransmitPacketInput input = new TransmitPacketInputBuilder() //
.setNode(new NodeRef(nodeInstId)) //
.setPayload(Testing.getBytes()) //

Any idea what might be wrong ?