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Stuck in packet out

what I have done is I got the l2switch code from github . My architecture is of my machines is connected to controller and controller is connected to switch. So everytime a packet comes on switch ,it gets received my controller(odl) and then sends it to my machine which is connected through tcp connection. I have successfully implemented packet in ...I can see my packets coming from switch ,received at controller and controller sending them up to my machine. For this I only made changes in inside onpacketReceived in packethandler and wrote a new function. Now next what I have to test is receive packet from my machine on to the controller and controller will do the packet out . But I am stuck .I know the packet out code is present in inside arphandler. However I dont know how to use it .. I want to understand the basics of when to use data broker rpc notificatiob service binding aware . What do I write in inventory ?