how to change existing flows using opendaylight GUI

asked 2014-10-28 22:24:44 -0800

anonymous user


Hi All, I am new to opendaylight and trying to explore it I have a small full mesh mininet topology. When I perform "pingall" then all the flows are established.

Say to reach to host2[destination] from SwitchS1 flow is -Output from S1-eth(1), but now I do not want this flow, I need to drop all packets at eth1 if destination is host2 on SwitchS1. Now if I do pingall, then I can see that host2 can not be reached at first from S1, but after sometime host2 can be reached and same flow as before i.e output from s1-eth(1) is present. Also I gave priority as 1, I hope this is highest priority. My feeble attempt is to somehow change the actual path between a src-destn pair by programming flows on the intermidiate switches.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi all, My topology is a simple four nodes mesh. Did anyone try such a scenario?

akula_deepika ( 2014-10-31 02:19:04 -0800 )edit