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Service Function Chaining in ODL usage

asked 2014-10-23 05:20:03 -0700

a.medhat.h gravatar image

updated 2014-12-16 10:48:27 -0700

How do I use SFC in ODL? I'd like a user guide, as the documentation for SFC in the wiki is lacking.

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answered 2014-12-16 10:47:36 -0700

updated 2014-12-16 10:49:25 -0700

The SFC Project Proposal and the main SFC wiki are likely the two best sources of SFC docs at the moment.

I'll link some of the main SFC guys to this question, to attempt show that more docs have been requested.

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Asked: 2014-10-23 05:20:03 -0700

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