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Additional information at the Tool tip of Switch/Host's icon (Toplogy.web view)

asked 2014-10-12 08:33:42 -0700

esumit gravatar image

At the toplogy interface of Opendaylight SDN Controller - Tooltip on host/switch icon only shows Name,type,description kind of information. What kind of approach/code changes should be done if I would like to add more information e.g. X,Y coordinates , and some names?

{ I have already looked into the code e.g. open-topology.js , { web}, but didn't find right code lines to change, any help would be appreciated. }

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answered 2014-10-29 04:07:31 -0700

esumit gravatar image

Referred to the open-topology.js file, got to the one.topology.graph funciton, and then go to OnShow: function (tip,node), there you can do the requisite changes to show on tool-tip.

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