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Questions related to Primitive support to save the topology coordinates and TopologyCache.sav file / reference :

asked 2014-10-12 08:31:42 -0700

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Regarding - Primitive support to save the topology coordinates /

Q-1 : May I know what problem this bug has solved ?

My understanding says :

Each Host/Switch shown on the topology viewer equipped with x,y co-ordinates, and those host/switch are shown on circle layout. user need to manually drag/drop and set the host/switch icons for the comfortable view or any other reason and then click on save. It save all the host/switch related information including the x,y co-ordinates in a file topologyCache.sav. Earlier it was not there so if topology.web bundle gut restarted then user again require to set the positioning of the host/switch icon ?

So My understanding is correct on this case ?

Q-2 : Do I need to really click on 'Save' to save the topology coordinates information ? or What is the way so that it can automatically save the information on every drag/drop of icons without clicking 'save'?

Q-3: As soon user perform drag/drop on the same time its x,y co-ordinates got updated on topologyCache.sav file , if yes then how it happens if not then how can be implemented?

Q-4 : What is the life cycle of this topologyCache.sav file ? if ODL controller sopped then this file still persist ?

Q-5: Do I need to have separate data structure , which keeps real time value of X,Y co-ordinates , what would be the best approach, parse topologyCache.sav directly and get from it ? Or introduce separate post method on UI side and on updates, save that data on a different OSGI bundle or different data structure ?

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answered 2014-10-29 04:09:10 -0700

esumit gravatar image

Referred the open-toplogy.js and (metacahce data structure ). Use break points , debug the things, then you will know the flow and questions got answered.

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