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static flow thru GUI

asked 2014-10-10 00:34:05 -0700

anonymous user


I've installed the Helium release with following features "feature:install odl-restconf odl-l2switch-switch odl-mdsal-apidocs odl-dlux-core odl-l2switch-switch-ui "

Dlux GUI doesn't shown the flow features and how to do the static flow from opendaylight GUI?

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answered 2014-10-24 04:48:58 -0700

bvasanthan gravatar image

As per email communication update, you also need to install odl-adsal-all and odl-adsal-northbound

However unable to install static flow thru DLUX,but right now workaround thru only RESTAPI PUT Request: restconf/config/opendaylight-inventory:nodes/node/openflow:<switchid>/table/0/flow/<flowid> </flowid></switchid>

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