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How to add netnode in Defense4All?

asked 2014-10-01 09:40:02 -0700

lean153 gravatar image

updated 2014-10-01 09:58:29 -0700

Hi all, I have a problem when using Defense4All (D4A). I have 2 computers, one is running D4A and other is OpenDaylight controller, and a openflow network base on PCs which have 3 NIC (switch openflow). After I created the connection between D4A and controller, I don't know how to add netnodes (or counter )into openflow switch and collect traffic info . Please help me and show me step by step. Thanks in advance.

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answered 2014-10-03 11:12:51 -0700


updated 2014-10-08 09:43:23 -0700

I have used the REST Interface in the past, and this was on the Hydrogen, but i don't think much has changed. Below is the data i send via POST to http://d4fapp:8086/rest/app/df/netnodes


The important thing you need to check is that the "id" is correct and pointed to the correct switch. In this example it was DPID of 1. Next to check the trafficPortstr the 1 and 2 related to the port number. same with protectedLinkStr.

Below is the data for the PN node and POST to


I used this site to build most of the JSON formatted data.

If i find some time this weekeend i do a write up with some examples using mininet.

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Thanks Chis O'Shea for your help!!! Although I tried both "id: 00:00:00:00:00:00:00:01" and the dpid 1 of switch, which I created in mininet, but it is still failure. P/s: I have used OpenDaylight controller virtualization edition and added netnodes by using D4A web GUI. Is it the problem?

lean153 ( 2014-10-04 09:11:50 -0700 )edit

How do I verify if connection is established between helium odl controller and defense4all?

hiba ( 2015-01-19 01:36:05 -0700 )edit

You can do a GET on /rest/app/df/ofcs (towards defence4all) just to confirm it's point to the right ODL controller, and the other thing is check the web log on ODL to see if the defence4all is polling ever 30 second to collect stats, the connection isn't always active only collecting stats.

Chris O'Shea ( 2015-01-19 09:57:04 -0700 )edit

answered 2014-10-08 01:26:24 -0700

lean153 gravatar image

Hi Chris O'Shea, I have added netnode but I cann't add PNs. The reports is: "failed to setting flow entries for pn to netnode ". Please help me. Thank you.

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Can you post up how u add the PN, (also may want to open up another question, useful for other people who search), I have edit my answer to show me the POST data i send for PN.

Chris O'Shea ( 2014-10-08 09:41:19 -0700 )edit
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