L3 Router with OpenDaylight and OpenStack

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I used to follow the steps and seems all good working fine with the integration from this site: http://www.siliconloons.com/getting-started-with-opendaylight-and-openstack/

But I have a little bit error with the L3 Router, as I could not create nor generate errors on the neutron creating a network/subnet part.

Can someone please enlighten me on How to achieve without error; do I need to change settings on the local.conf (referring to devstack) and how? or I tried manually recreating the br-ex but seems still generate errors.

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I'm on the same way. Stack logs might be helpful. Note, that document is a little bit old. Currently, openstack already has integration with opendaylight since icehouse release. Look at the following link: http://www.siliconloons.com/opendaylight-integration-with-openstack-has-merged-into-icehouse/

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