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How yang -MD-sal Related?

asked 2015-12-15 02:26:47 -0700

anonymous user


  1. What is MD-SAL? main purpose?
  2. Advantages of MD-SAL over AD-SAL?
  3. What is yang and how it is related to MD-SAL?
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answered 2016-04-03 09:12:24 -0700

shaik sadulla gravatar image

Model-driven Service Adaptation Layer (MD-SAL), is the kernel of the platform where the different layers and modules are interconnected through well-defined API. NB and SB plugins can be service producers or service consumers or even both. The SAL works as a large services’ registry where the producers advertisetheir services through their APIs. When a consumerrequests an advertised service by a generic API, theSAL connects and binds both the producer and the consumer . The developers of ODL started codingthe original SAL with an API-Driven SAL architecture. The API-DrivenSAL or AD-SAL, the developers had to code the SAL APIs (to route service requests between consumers andproviders) and the adaptation functionality (if NB (Ser-vice, abstract) API is not similar to its correspondingSB (protocol) API) . Despite AD-SAL hiding theelement-level complexity, the scalability of ODL can be limited by coding the SAL APIs as well as theadaptation functionality of each new plugin each time. you can refer this links for better understanding. Controller:MD-SAL:Architecture

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answered 2016-04-08 04:26:28 -0700

Robert Varga gravatar image

As for the relationship between YANG and MD-SAL, YANG is used as the Interface Definition Language (IDL) to define data and services. MD-SAL provides the compile-time and run-time support needed to implement and cross-connect those services in Java.

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