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Multicast support

asked 2014-09-21 01:26:26 -0700

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Hi, Does OpenDaylight Controller support IPv4 multicast? I have read that multicast could be implemented much simpler in SDN than what it is in current day networks. A multicast coming into the network could be made visible to the Controller, clients who want to receive them could also be known by the controller, so Controller can connect them by configuring flows directly on the intermediate switches/routers, without the need for RP and whole lot of other stuff which goes on in today's multicast networks. I want to write an application over multicast in SDN. I searched in ODL site and in internet, haven't found much information.

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answered 2014-09-22 09:46:08 -0700



So one way of doing this would to do this would be.

  1. Simple forward of ALL IGMP joins to the controller needs a rule set in the controllers. Just so the controller know which client wish to join the multicast group.
  2. Forward all address in multicast range to the controller. So the controller know where the source of the multicast traffic.
  3. Setup OpenFlow groups for each of the multicast groups known by the controller and add the ports the IGMP are receive from.

OpenFlow Groups OpenDaylight
OpenFlow 1.3 Spec search for Groups

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Is it possible to get information about a node that received a type of packet (namely IGMP) through existent northbound Rest API. Basically I'm asking if using the idea on your answer can be achievable by only using northbound Rest APIs from ODL ?

Nuno ( 2015-04-07 16:01:19 -0700 )edit

Do you want to see the packets in a REST api that are sent to a controller? (still un-answered)

Chris O'Shea ( 2015-04-07 16:24:22 -0700 )edit

According to what I know the Rest APIs provide at the moment I don't think its possible but I had hope.

Nuno ( 2015-04-07 17:59:38 -0700 )edit
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