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How to set up openvswitch > 2.3 and ODL so l2-switch works?

asked 2015-12-13 04:22:58 -0800

kagouros gravatar image


I have a fresh setup with OpenVSwitch 2.3 (and a second with 2.4). If I add the controller, no switching happens. I found googling around that it is advisable to set the protocols on the bridge controlled by ODL to OpenFlow13. Still nothing happens. If I push a flow with a low priority that has the normal-action switching happens and I can do other flows to supersede this. However isn't the l2-switch app supposed to accept the new packets and then do the switching logic? Do I need to set 'controller' as default action? And no, downgrading OVS is not an option.



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answered 2015-12-15 08:39:15 -0800

runamuck gravatar image

Try these commands.

$ ./bin/karaf clean

Then from the Karaf prompt:

opendaylight-user@root>feature:install odl-l2switch-switch-ui

Now back to the shell (Substitute your switch name and IP)...

$ sudo ovs-vsctl set bridge br0 protocols=OpenFlow13
$ sudo ovs-vsctl set-controller br0 tcp:
$ sudo ovs-vsctl set controller br0 connection-mode=out-of-band
$ sudo ovs-vsctl list controller
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Hi, thanks for Your answer. Because I am curious: what does karaf clean do? Kill everything or just the state? 2nd what is different with connection-mode out-of-band? THanks, Konstanitn

kagouros ( 2015-12-15 08:43:00 -0800 )edit

the "clean" option just deletes your data directory that is populated with data when you have previously started karaf. you can see the code here:

jamoluhrsen ( 2015-12-15 08:53:54 -0800 )edit

Out-of-band mean the controller is on a different network. So if you point to (Localhost) as your controller you'd want to set to out-of-band (OOB).

runamuck ( 2015-12-15 09:02:05 -0800 )edit

indeed the controller is on another network on a different machine. Setting the connection mode without karat clean now gives me lot of message deserialization exceptions.

kagouros ( 2015-12-15 09:07:39 -0800 )edit
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