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asked 2015-12-09 01:35:43 -0700

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Hi everyone! I am currently deploying an integration of Opendaylight Lithium with Openstack kilo, my enviroment consist on two openstack nodes (controller and compute) and another node for Opendaylight controller, I've done the integration sucessfully ( I can create instances and ping between each node, on diferent nodes) and now I am triying to get access to the internet from one instance, to doing so I have created a br-ex by setting the ovsdb.l3.fwd.enabled to yes and the ovsdb.l3gateway.mac to my mac address of the gateway of the external subnet (as the comments of the file says) and I have stopped and disabled the l3-agent on my network openstack node, but wen i am triying to ping google (ping in the instance conected to the external network (via the private network with a router added to the external network) I don't obtain any ping response, I don't know if i am missing something, or if i am doing something wrong.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you all


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