Hydrogen module on lithium

asked 2015-12-08 11:10:58 -0700

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updated 2015-12-08 11:11:52 -0700

Since there is little to no information about backwards compatibility, I'd like to know if it is possible to run a (working) module made for hydrogen on lithium. Here is what I have:

  1. Working karaf distribution of with lithiumSR2 controller
  2. Working module OSGi supported module for hydrogen
  3. Source code for said module

If it is impossible to run older modules on latest builds, are there any tutorials (since I didn't find any) on how to easily upgrade a module to work with the latest controller?

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OpenDaylight is composed of many projects, each project with their own APIs. How easy it is to upgrade your module depends on which APIs it uses (openflowplugin, ad-sal, etc.?)

lori ( 2015-12-09 01:35:55 -0700 )edit

The module was created as and OSGi bundle with the corresponding activator class and accompanying classes needed for bundle's creation. Those classes used controller's AD-SAL API.

bebi ( 2015-12-09 02:34:12 -0700 )edit