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rest calls for opendaylight

asked 2014-09-16 12:48:28 -0700

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updated 2014-09-16 12:59:32 -0700

hi all, I tried the following link for rest calls:

but some calls showed only html scripts and some gave error: connection refused LWP::protocol::http::socket: connect :connection refused at /usr/share/perl5/LWP/protocol/ line 51

I have opendaylight in one vm and mininet & ovs in other, both running ubuntu 12.04 I also want to know to how to check load(CPU,load average,memory) on openvswitch for same setup.Are there any rest calls for the same? can anyone please help..?

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answered 2014-09-20 17:19:46 -0700

ecelgp gravatar image

OSCP project is deprecated in OpenDaylight. For OpenDaylight REST guide please check the link below:

Also AFAIK, there is no REST call to verify CPU or memory in OVS as these queries are not included in the OpenFlow or OVSDB spec (the 2 plugins used to interact with OVS)


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