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DLUX on Ubuntu Server

asked 2015-11-18 06:02:17 -0700

muharif gravatar image

Hi All,

I'm not sure if this question was asked before, but I couldn't find it here.

I need the GUI for lithium to present, but I have a problem with enabling the GUI. I use ubuntu server 14.4.3 on virtual box. Everything is fine, except the DLUX. I tried to do new installation, same result. But, when I tried it in Ubuntu Desktop (same version), it works perfectly fine. Can somebody help me to provide pointers on how to enable DLUX on Ubuntu Server?

Thanks a lot!

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answered 2015-11-18 11:21:08 -0700

muharif gravatar image

Nevermind. I have found the problem.

My port 8080 was used by Tomcat7, so once I disabled the tomcat7 and port 8080 free, I can start the DLUX without any problem. I'll write my step-by-step installation, if somebody need it, let me know

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