Packet out to TABLE

asked 2015-11-09 07:46:05 -0800

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Hi there!

I am trying to send a packet out message.

Bug 4442 is fixed which means that I can now put an action list to to setAction field of TransmitInputBuilder.

The actionlist that I need is an Output action to the virtual port TABLE that is the table pipeline of switch tables.

I have two problems.

  1. If I don’t want to send packet to any specific port but to TABLE how can I bypass the setEgress field of TransmitInputBuilder? I tried not to set it or set it null but packet out mechanism of ODL throws exceptions and crashes.

  2. When I use setEgress with a random existing port of my topology the Action output to TABLE forces links of the topology to fail every single time.

Anyone has these problems?

Any help?

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