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ODL application beginner

asked 2015-11-05 06:10:38 -0800

g_trelos gravatar image

Hello guys.I want to develop and application for odl.I am new to this.From where should I start?I mean, a tutorial or something to get me going the right direction.

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answered 2015-11-11 14:25:52 -0800

updated 2015-11-19 09:27:43 -0800

You can start by looking at Startup Archetype to create a base project and run it.

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OK,Than you.

g_trelos ( 2015-11-11 23:11:33 -0800 )edit

ok i did.I understood everything.How abou a tutorial or something on application that pushes flows to the switches?

g_trelos ( 2015-11-20 05:09:07 -0800 )edit

Well, do you want to do it programmatically or use the RESTful APIs ?

grmontpetit ( 2015-11-20 06:57:14 -0800 )edit


g_trelos ( 2015-11-23 00:45:43 -0800 )edit

I suggest looking into the OpenFlow codebase. The goal to push a flow here is to create a match and an instruction and push those to the OpenFlow node.

grmontpetit ( 2015-11-23 07:01:20 -0800 )edit
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