Application aware routing using openflow and opendaylight

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Hello everyone,

I am doing research on application aware routing in sdn network to effectively utilize the network resources based on the application preferences such as bandwidht and latency.

What I am trying to accomplish is, in the traditional routing protocol all the application will follow the single shortest route computed by the routing protocol, but for application it won't be always the best route, for instance, an online gaming system can perform much better when it is communicated through the link having low latency, while File transfer perform better when data traverse via the link having high bandwidth.

To implement this routing mechanism, I have created the topology in mininet, having two path from source host to destination host having multi link , such that one path have high bandwidth while other have low latency using mininet commands as shown below

bash $ sudo mn --link tc,bw=10,delay=10ms

But for the further progress, I need to distinguish the application, type of application for the routing, the actual controller which inspect the application packet and categorized it so that we can write further actions in controller.

The controller should do the following tasks.

  1. Identify the application and route the app traffic based on the application preferences(bandwidth oriented latency oriented) to link preferences.

  2. Controller features to identify the types of application whether it is bandwidth oriented or latency oriented, i.e can opendaylight controller is capable of doing deep packet inspection on application data to identify the type of application.

  3. How to perform the routing in openday light ?, as per my knowledge we can perform routing throught Northbound API but don't know how to implement it, and I also read somewhere, we can also plug the i2rs module to implement traditional based routing.

  4. The final thing I need to plot the topology and can have GUI access of controller, as openday light has this features.

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