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data length in Yang-to-Java mapping

asked 2014-09-10 10:56:54 -0700

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Hi all,

When a 8-bit data is defined in Yang, it will be generated to data type of java.lang.Short by yang-to-java in yangtools. However, 16-bit data in yang is also mapped to Integer and 32-bit data is mapped to Long.

Anyone could explain why 16-bit is not mapped to Short and 32 bit is not mapped to Integer, so on so forth.

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answered 2014-09-11 01:12:11 -0700

Tony Tkacik gravatar image

Are types you are trying to use unsigned?

Java itself does not have notion of unsigned bits, so in original design of code generation mapping was envisioned that for unsigned types is used closest higher.

For Binding specification v2 we plan to use types Unsigned types from Google guava, which provides UnsignedShort, UnsignedInteger, UnsignedLong.

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