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OSCP platform vs ODL virtualization edition

asked 2014-09-01 01:15:23 -0700

johanna gravatar image

I am wondering what is the relationship between the platform (OSCP) and ODL virtualization edition installation. The platform installation created a directory “net-virt-platform” and the virtualization edition directory “opendaylight” and they seem to be somehow different things. I have some basic questions related this:

1) When I run the platform I guess that I am running the controller as well? But where is the configuration file (config.ini) in this case? The one where I can e.g. configure the controller IP, openflow version etc? The default controller IP seems to be but how can I change this? The cli documentation tells that config file can be given with –cf [path] but what is the syntax of this config-file? 2) With OSCP the GUI is “SDN controller dashboard” and different to the one I had with the virtualization edition. They use also different ports (8000 and 8080). Can I have both at the same time? 3) When I use the OSCP platform is there an easy way to figure out which modules I am running? Like Openflow13, ovsdb, VTN, … And how to start/stop them?

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answered 2014-09-01 21:56:48 -0700

Madhu gravatar image

Opendaylight Virtualization platform is the official Opendaylight delivery vehicle for Network Virtualization solutions.

The OSCP project is not active & is not part of any of the OpenDaylight releases (Hydrogen or the upcoming Helium). It was originally contributed by engineers from Big Switch Networks, but later they decided not to participate in the Opendaylight releases. Even though the code and branch are still present, it is not under active development/contribution. OSCP doenst integrate with OVSDB or Openflow13 or VTN. it is a standalone project and is not part of any of the releases.

On the other-hand, the Opendaylight Virtualization platform is extremely active and has a few solutions. (OVS, VTN, etc...). In the Virtualization edition, the user is given a choice to either run OVSDB or VTN using the "-virt" option. Based on the selection, appropriate bundles will be loaded automatically.

For example, if you use ./ -of13 -virt ovsdb, this will load OVS based Network Virtualization solution that uses OVSDB and Openflow13 to control the OVS switch to deliver Network Virtualization. This integrates with Openstack Neutron to provide the overlay network orchestration.

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