Inter VM Floating IPAddress communication and SSH issue with OpenDaylight ODL_L3 feature

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I am using ODLL3 feature for the DevStack instances external connectivity, Instances are pinging with assigned Floating IPAddress successfully. However, I am facing below problems with ODLL3

1) I have running two instances in same private network, assigned floating IPAddress to each instance and both instance floating IPAddress are pinging from outside. But Inter VM communication is not working i.e: ping/ssh to 2nd instance Floating IPAddress from 1st instance is not working(Login 1st instance console and do 2nd instance ping/ssh using floating IPAddress)

2) Instances are not getting ssh with floating IPAddress from outside , however back connection is working i.e: login instance console and do ssh of other hosts in the external network it is working fine.

There is no issue in private network communication, only floating IPAddress communication has these issues.

Am i missing anything, do we need add any additional rules to enable ssh to instances from outside and inter VM communication using floating IPAddress.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Regards, Vasu.

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May be you can try adding security rules to the VMs. Just add these rules to the default security group. --for Ingress and outgress port for All tcp, All UDP and All ICMP.Then restart the VMs. This might help in accessing VMs via ssh from outside. Let me know if this works.

90.suman ( 2015-09-24 09:50:01 -0700 )edit

Hi Suman, I have already enabled all, but i think security groups are of no use in OpenStack with ODL environment

vasubabu kandimalla ( 2015-09-25 00:40:44 -0700 )edit

Can you tell me if this field (ovsdb.l3.fwd.enabled=yes) in file etc/ of ODL is enabled or disabled.Also what's your tenant network type in openstack and do you have br-int only or br-tun also created on compute nodes.

90.suman ( 2015-09-25 10:43:24 -0700 )edit

Hi Suman, tenant network type is vxlan, Provider network type is Flat. I am running OpenFlow1.3, so it only has br-int bridge. Yes l3.fwd flag is enabled in custom properties

vasubabu kandimalla ( 2015-09-25 21:08:51 -0700 )edit

Hi, Below is the tcpdump output, when we try ssh to instance floating IPAddress. I could see that ssh session is getting reset from tcpdump output. # tcpdump -i "tapaf43bed9-6b" tcpdump: WARNING: tapaf43bed9-6b: no IPv4 address assigned tcpdump: verbose output suppressed, use -v or -vv for full protocol decode listening on tapaf43bed9-6b, link-type EN10MB (Ethernet), capture size 65535 bytes 02:53:22.874946 LLDP, length 99: openflow:174754217607488 02:53:24.107686 IP > Flags [S], seq 73890680, win 27200, options [mss 1360,sackOK,TS val 519689414 ecr 0,nop,wscale 7], length 0 02:53:24.107834 IP > Flags [S.], seq 3792693587, ack 73890681, win 26960, options [mss 1360,sackOK,TS val 693094 ecr 519689414,nop,wscale 7], length 0 02:53:24.108137 IP > 20 ...(more)

vasubabu kandimalla ( 2015-09-28 06:30:09 -0700 )edit