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Where to write rules?

asked 2015-09-24 04:19:18 -0700

g_trelos gravatar image

Hi community. In which project could someone find(in the open source distribution) where happens the matching of the packet-ins with the rules of the controller. Thank you in advance.

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answered 2015-09-29 20:47:48 -0700

Ashwini_Mhatre gravatar image

Hi, You can refer ad-sal simple forwarding application. please refer following link for that:

Regards, Ashwini Mhatre.

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I cant see something relevant there.Can you be more specific?

g_trelos ( 2015-09-29 23:54:47 -0700 )edit

hi, you can also refer l2-switch which arphandler and l2switchmain features are responsible for adding flow rules: Regards, Ashwini mhatre

Ashwini_Mhatre ( 2015-09-30 01:51:52 -0700 )edit

hey, yeah I was thinking about l2switchmain.I ll give it a look.And i ll come back. Thank you.

g_trelos ( 2015-09-30 02:10:56 -0700 )edit

after I searched, l2switch handles the creation of flows.I'm interested in the matching of incoming packets(packet-ins) with the existing flow rules in the controller.

g_trelos ( 2015-10-01 23:45:36 -0700 )edit
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