vlan communication

asked 2015-09-19 23:59:13 -0700

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Dear All I really need help ,My problem is , I created two vlan with different vlan id , the first one is called vlan1 with id 10 and the second one is vlan2 with id 20 , after that i created Vbridge for each of them after that I made Vinterface (two vinterface) for each of them after that port mapping where there are two hosts for each vlan , when I tried many times to ping between hosts in the same vlan it is not working ? I do not want to use 0 as vlan id , because in this case the vlan works but I need to use different vlan id because I need to create more that vlan on the same host . ? the second question is How I can 2 vlans communicate with each other .

Environment specification 1- PICA-8 OF switch 1.2 2- lithium ODC

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