Mininet Switch down notifications from ODL

asked 2015-09-09 02:51:00 -0700

kouser gravatar image

Dear All,

We are writing a ODL northbound App, which is for registering the Operational datastore changes from ODL.

When we are running the App and ODL with the mininet setup. What we have observed is that, the notification are received when we start a switch in the mininet. But no notifications are reaching the app when we make the switch down in the mininet.

We used the following switch related commands in mininet to make switch up/down.

mininet>py s2.start([C0]) -- notification received in App through the ODL

mininet>py s2.stop() -- No notification are reaching the App.

Our requirement is to get the notifications for the node down event. Hence please let me know the above behavior is expected?

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