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What happened to the "Simple Forwarding Application"?

asked 2015-09-03 11:43:17 -0700

Dave Early gravatar image

updated 2015-09-04 08:44:20 -0700

I am new to ODL, have it built and talking to mininet, but I don't seem to have the "Simple Forwarding Application" that is referenced in a number of tutorials.

Does the Simple Forwarding Application still exist? If so, what do I need to do to get it to appear?

It would seem that the structure of the deployment changed quite a bit from Helium to Lithium, and with it much of the instructions on how to get things to work are now inaccurate.

Any help would be appreciated....kind of looking for understanding of what changed/how to work with the new structure PLUS whether the app is still there.


Since there is some confusion, I will be VERY specific.

I am looking for the WEB APPLICATION that is shown here:

I have dlux installed and working.

The basic l2 switch module is working for a simple mininet network.

What I am asking is whether the web application shown in the link above is still out there and if so, how do I get it?


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answered 2015-09-03 12:58:55 -0700

updated 2015-09-03 13:05:51 -0700

Simple Forwarding application was available in the Hydrogen. In the Helium or Lithium you can install the feature l2-switchsimilar to forwarding application.

Details for install installing the feature:

The Helium and Lithium based on MD-SAL and Hydrogen is based on AD-SAL, that is the major difference. Detailed difference is captured here:

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Well, my question was about the web interface, not the base functionality Looking for this:

Dave Early ( 2015-09-03 13:53:46 -0700 )edit

Web interface you can access by installing the `dlux` feature. Could you please correctly put your question, to understand what exactly you want ?

subhash ( 2015-09-03 22:28:02 -0700 )edit

I don't know how much more specific I can get. Please see the link I left in the comment above. I have dlux installed and working, what I do NOT have is the simple forwarding APPLICATION that is shown in the link in my previous comment (which indicates that it was available in HELIUM).

Dave Early ( 2015-09-04 08:40:47 -0700 )edit
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