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How to POST flow

asked 2015-08-29 01:28:35 -0700

happysmile gravatar image

Hello guys, I am wondering how it is possible to POST a flow in odl? Using this link i can PUT a flow, meaning that a flow id is needed, but how to make sure this id is not already written to? I found sal-flow(2013-08-19) which makes flow posting available but no tutorial I found on it. can anyone help me on it?

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answered 2015-08-29 07:19:35 -0700

Check out pybvcsamples, perlbscsamples or rubybvcsamples. These all have sample apps that write and read flows.
To not overwrite existing flows you could do a get to obtain the existing flows or you could use an Iflow ids that use a reverse domain so you have global uniqueness in your apps flow ids (e.g. com.Elbrys.k-12.1 and com.Elbrys.k-12.2, etc). Flow ids are not just integers. A restconf developer page with the above python, perl and ruby tools as well as postman collection is here: It is a page for Brocade SDN Controller, but the tools work for ODL.

Jim B.

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