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how can I delete the default flows that are getting created in Openflow13?

asked 2015-08-25 22:40:39 -0700

Sasivenkat gravatar image

I am using ODL helium SR2. It uses OPenflow13. When I add hosts and switches from mininet, I could see strange flows in "sudo ovs-ofctl dump-flows s1". And if I try pinginh h1 anf h2 in mininet ">h1 ping h2" , straight away they are pinging without me adding any static flows. I could see those flows too in dump-flows after that.

What creates these default flows? How can i remove them???

Thanks in advance.

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This is one of the strange flows... cookie=0x2b00000000000000, duration=11369.929s, table=0, npackets=0, nbytes=0, idleage=13423, priority=100,dltype=0x88cc actions=CONTROLLER:65535 cookie=0x2b00000000000001, duration=11369.927s, table=0, npackets=0, nbytes=0, idleage=13423, priority=0 actions=drop

Sasivenkat ( 2015-08-25 22:44:03 -0700 )edit

These are the exact responses for dump-flows ovs-ofctl dump-flows s1 NXST_FLOW reply (xid=0x4): cookie=0x2b00000000000063, duration=58.858s, table=0, n_packets=6, n_bytes=420, idle_age=53, priority=2,in_port=1 actions=output:2,CONTROLLER:65535 cookie=0x2b00000000000062, duration=58.858s, table=0, n_packets=6, n_bytes=420, idle_age=53, priority=2,in_port=2 actions=output:1,CONTROLLER:65535 cookie=0x2b0000000000002b, duration=62.846s, table=0, n_packets=28, n_bytes=2380, idle_age=2, priority=100,dl_type=0x88cc actions=CONTROLLER:65535

Sasivenkat ( 2015-08-25 22:57:34 -0700 )edit

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answered 2015-08-26 05:47:50 -0700

joshua.jeyaraj gravatar image

updated 2015-09-07 22:18:21 -0700

You can always delete flows by sudo ovs-ofctl del-flows s1

The L2 switch part of the Open daylight controller will install certain flows by default . Do lookup Configuration of L2Switch Components secion in (user underscore guide the forum removes underscore symbol) for more details .

Playing around with some of the flags mentioned here , should ensure that the default flows are not added .

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answered 2015-09-08 03:46:42 -0700

Ashwini_Mhatre gravatar image

Hi, l2switch project is responsible for adding default flows.check configuration file related to arphandler and l2switchmain. u can disable some flags.

Regards, Ashwini mhatre

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answered 2015-09-08 11:35:59 -0700

jamoluhrsen gravatar image

If you don't want default flows at all, then don't install l2switch. you can get openflow functionality by installing "old-openflowplugin-flow-services" append "-ui" if you want it to bring in DLUX. L2switch wants to do host and link discovery and loop removal. It needs to push some flows to the switches to achieve that.

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