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How do I augment an experimenter meter band?

asked 2015-08-18 14:09:01 -0700

arthurc gravatar image

I'm looking to augment the meter-band-experimenter in Lithium (released version). I found a reference on how to do this for actions though it appears be out of date (Openflow Protocol Library extensibility). The reason I say that is that the imports don't appear to be valid anymore.

I've tried the following:

import opendaylight-meter-types {
    prefix meter; 
identity my-meter-band {
    base meter:meter-band;

Compiling that I do see the Java subclass of MeterBand created. I used that as the action example appears to use the base type. Perhaps I should be using meter:meter-band-experimenter here.

It is not clear how the string following the keyword augment keyword was derived in the referenced action augmentation (though again, it looks like those referenced YANG files are out-of-date).

I want to do something like:

augment "/meter:?what here?" {
   ext:augment-identifier "my-exp-meter-band";
   leaf my-value {
       type uint16;

Any idea on:

  1. What to use as the base (meter-band or meter-band-experimenter or something else)?
  2. What magic string to put after the augment keyword?
  3. Does this has any chance of working (e.g. known not to be supported in Lithium)?
  4. Are there any examples of this that I missed out there?

I know that next-steps are to add a serializer/deserializer as shown in the referenced document. When I get the meter config currently for the band that needs to be augmented, I'm seeing the error below so at least it looks promising. If one of the maintainers is looking, note the typo below ("ale" instead of "are"):

2015-08-18 17:02:20,420 | WARN  | entLoopGroup-8-2 | OFDecoder                        | 175 - org.opendaylight.openflowjava.openflow-protocol-impl - 0.6.0.Lithium | Message deserialization failed
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Deserializer for key: msgVersion: 4 objectClass: msgType: 65535 experimenterID: nnnn was not found - please verify that all needed deserializers ale loaded correctly
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answered 2015-08-26 06:56:31 -0700

arthurc gravatar image

It seems I've meandered into uncharted territory. This facility is not elaborated in the Lithium release. Will look at what it takes to do so.

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