High CPU Utilization when lithium controller runs

asked 2015-08-13 12:27:02 -0800

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I am using Lithium ODL the June 29, 2015 release. I am facing issues with high CPU utilization. I am running mininet and ODL in two different machines. With just 3 switches in my mininet, my cpu utilization in the controller side is about 20% (which is high already). When I am using only 12 switches, the utilization goes to about 60%. But when I run a large topology with 120 switches, The ODL dlux shows me only a partial topology view (It can show only about 80 switches out of 120) with a cpu utilization of 190%. Is it not showing the full topology because the cpu utilization is really high? I don't know why it is taking so much cpu. I am using 64 bit intel core 2 duo with 4GB memory.

I appreciate any thought about this matter

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can you try with Lithium SR1? Also, is this with the original or lithium-redesign openflowplugin?

Robert Varga ( 2015-08-30 15:06:55 -0800 )edit

do you have any flows existing in your switches? what's the version and type of virtual switch you are running under mininet?

jamoluhrsen ( 2015-08-31 13:11:55 -0800 )edit