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Lithium: odl-openflowplugin-all doesnt open port 6633

asked 2015-08-13 06:53:16 -0700

sankettandulwadkar gravatar image


I have been meaning to connect OvS to ODL using TLS. I have installed the openflowplugin-all in ODL but it hasnt opened port 6633 for OF to connect to it. What other features do I need along with this for it to work?

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Hi, I am new to ODL but let me try to give a pointer.Don't you think you need to explicitly tell ovs about controller using ovs-vsctl set-controller <ovsbridge-name> tcp:<ip of="" controller="">:6633

krishnayeddula ( 2015-08-13 09:58:57 -0700 )edit

Yes, but that is on the OvS side, correct? I do have that on my OvS VM. But logically, ODL should be listening on that port for OF on OvS side to make the connection. When I look at the open ports on ODL, I have these up: Discovered open port 8080/tcp on Discovered open port 22/tcp on Discovered open port 8181/tcp on Discovered open port 1099/tcp on Discovered open port 8443/tcp on Doesnt have 6633. So even if the client tries to connect, ODL is not listening.

sankettandulwadkar ( 2015-08-13 10:06:18 -0700 )edit

Try to restart openvswitch service on VM/

krishnayeddula ( 2015-08-13 10:20:59 -0700 )edit

Didn't help. I am thinking I am missing something on the ODL side for it to open port 6633. I read in one of the popular questions that VTN Manager opened port 6633. It doesnt seem to open that port for me.

sankettandulwadkar ( 2015-08-13 10:30:33 -0700 )edit

Few questions: 1. Is any other process is using 6633? 2. Did you modify and config, which may by mistaken changed OF port? 3. Any error in karaf.log while starting?

Mandeep ( 2015-08-16 10:40:23 -0700 )edit

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answered 2015-08-27 10:27:30 -0700

icarocamelo gravatar image

Check the updated wiki: here

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