Archetypes and feature deployment best practices

asked 2015-08-06 07:59:21 -0700

arthurc gravatar image

I'm looking to do some work in ODL that will eventually be deployed to others. I suspect there will be multiple "features" that we'll want to deploy. Ideally I'd have a single "project" that could house all these "features". Looking at the available Lithium archetypes, seems the opendaylight-startup archetype could give me the top-level project though there might be some stuff there that should be culled if all I really want is something to house the features. The opendaylight-karaf-features archetype appears to be what I'd do for each individual feature.

In terms of naming, I'd like the features to have both the company and feature name in them to help them be identified. If I specify a group name like:, I end up having artifacts named "feature".

I'd love to get to the same form I see in other projects where there are karaf features... something like:

company-all company-feature1 company-feature2

The "-all" variety would install all other features.

I'm assuming that by specifying the correct answers to the archetype groupId, artifactId, and package queries this can happen. Just looking to harvest some experience on how best to structure the work. Any pointers are appreciated.


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