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state manager in ODL delivers inaccurate flow stats data

asked 2015-08-01 04:51:46 -0700

anonymous user



I have used ODL lithuim for my research and I would like for first stage to compare the data delivered by the statis manager in ODL with the sniffer of the interface. Therefore I create simple linear topology with two switches and I could get both data from both sources, namely the Stats manager and sniffer. For my experiment I set the polling rate/sampling rate of stats manager to 2000 ms and I get the flow data via REST API every 3 seconds. According to this setting, the output is really very bad that the data of statis manager does not really coicide very accurately with sniffer, i.e. there are bias and spikes in the output which differs over time. Does anyone can test this and can help?

Hint: I used floodlight to compare and it gives much better data even with 1000 ms polling rate. So I mean no bias over time.

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answered 2016-03-05 11:22:38 -0700

shaik sadulla gravatar image

can u please show the network parameters extraction code from stats manager which u have written using the REST api's? thank you.

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