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how to add custom feature to opendaylight integration version?

asked 2015-07-30 23:58:22 -0800

karthik330 gravatar image

updated 2016-02-10 06:45:46 -0800

Hi , I developed a simple project .I want to add that to my ODL-Integration version. 1 .my simple Project (Path) is like hello , Its runnning successfully when i launch karaf,I can get output from restconf 2. i need to add this to ODL-integration Project .When i used repo-add i got the error.image description

3.My Path application project located at m2 is image description

4.As from the error i checked the /integration/distribution/karaf/target/assembly/system image description

5 .Please help me to solve this issue. I want to add my path project to ODL-integration

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answered 2015-08-05 13:09:48 -0800


I believe what you are looking for is creating a feature descriptor of your hello world project and use it in karaf to install your feature.

  1. Example features file

  2. Example on how to use with karaf


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1 . i built my simple MD-SAL application(Path),its like hello project .Its running successfully alone 2. I tried to add my simple application to Integration, using repo-add command I got error.please look at my edited question.

karthik330 ( 2015-08-11 02:55:58 -0800 )edit

I just updated the project. Forgive me, I updated the artifacts to master and didn't try it up. Now it should work.

grmontpetit ( 2016-02-10 13:16:11 -0800 )edit

Can you please solve my question?

karthik330 ( 2016-02-11 01:47:17 -0800 )edit

Thx fr ur reply,I got the solution.1.There were version mismatch in my Project vs ODL-integration . So its resolved now

karthik330 ( 2016-02-11 03:55:40 -0800 )edit

hi @grmontpetit now i am able to compile the cup project and execute successfully. is it possible to integrate cup project in to any of the integration ODL project through feature:repo-add command? will it work? what version of ODL integration project we must use to integrate our cup project?

balaodl ( 2016-02-12 03:17:01 -0800 )edit

answered 2015-09-17 03:44:22 -0800

balaodl gravatar image

updated 2016-02-08 04:44:46 -0800

HI Grmontpetit,

I was exploring your CUP md-sal example. I got a doubt in it.

  1. I am able to mvn install the project successfully.
  2. When I launch the karaf and in the list I am able to see the odl-cup pre installed.
  3. So I tried to install it, it is throwing errors like.
  4. Then I tried to compile the controller project separately (also the karaf,config projects in it separately) but nothing helps. Please help me to solve this problem. please find the screen shot for the errors..


note: I edited my previous question, since new comments are forbidden

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Bala, there are two ways: **1.** Bundle with controller as accepted answer in this question answered by @grmontpetit **2.** As you asked, by 'build sample tutorial and add into controller karaf. For later see [install feature in karaf]( )

Mandeep ( 2015-09-19 07:04:03 -0800 )edit

Thanks Mandeep!

balaodl ( 2015-09-20 22:00:34 -0800 )edit

answered 2016-02-11 02:03:45 -0800

Mandeep gravatar image

Already answered in other thread.. repeating again for anyone facing same problem: try

feature:repo-add mvn:org.opendaylight.path/features-path/1.0.0-SNAPSHOT/xml/features

Catch is: it should be features-path instead of path-features

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