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identityref to Java mapping

asked 2015-07-29 10:54:15 -0700

shenh10 gravatar image

Hi folks, I have found some tricky stuff in yang-to-Java mapping. The following snippet:

identity abstractId{
container some-name{
leaf name{
 type identityref{
   base abstractId;

is mapped to a abstract class AbstractId and a SomeName class with an attribute '_name' whose type is 'Class '. Is it correct to be a generic 'Class' in this mapping process?

Actually, I think it is a misbehavior------ The '_name' attribute should have a type whose type is a class extended from AbstractId but not the class itself.

Could anyone tell me is it a bug in yang-dev or my misunderstanding?

Thanks, Han

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answered 2015-08-30 15:23:13 -0700

Robert Varga gravatar image

Well, since each identity is an abstract singleton, there cannot really be Objects which implement the identity. This is why an identity references are mapped to references to a Class, as the class itself is the identity identifier. The field's tyoe should be Class<? extends AbstractId>.

To set it, you'd use SomeNameBuilder.setName(AbstractId.class);.

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