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Not able to signin to DLUX

asked 2015-07-16 04:38:47 -0700

Shilpam gravatar image

updated 2015-07-16 23:16:14 -0700

I installed Lithium and installed all the features required for DLUX (odl-dlux-core . odl-dlux-node . odl-dlux-yangui . odl-dluxyangvisualizer) as given in user guide. For the first two attempts I was able to login to the web interface using admin as user and password as directed in user guide. But after rebooting the system I'm unable to login using the the same user name and password.

An error is diplayed on the terminal

Exception in thread "config-pusher" java.lang.IllegalStateException: Unable to push configuration due to missing yang models. Required yang models that are missing: [urn:opendaylight:params:xml:ns:yang:openflow:switch:connection:provider:impl?module=openflow-switch-connection-provider-impl&revision=2014-03-28, urn:opendaylight:params:xml:ns:yang:openflow:switch:connection:provider?module=openflow-switch-connection-provider&revision=2014-03-28]

Please help. All the yang features available are installed. Is there anything that I might be missing ??

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answered 2015-07-18 14:01:21 -0700

runamuck gravatar image


opendaylight-user@root>feature:install odl-l2switch-switch-ui
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Hii,, thanks a lot for the answer,, but the solution is not helping !!

Shilpam ( 2015-07-19 21:59:29 -0700 )edit

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