Unable to add flows in Opendaylight Helium using DLUX UI

asked 2015-07-16 00:34:34 -0700

Sohaib Naseem gravatar image


I am currently working on SDN project where I am using mininet with ODL controller to test some SDN topologies and later scaling it up for different tasks.

I am facing some issues using karaf distribution. I had 2 VMs one running mininet and other running ODL i downloaded Helium SR3 from ODL website. I was able to connect mininet with ODL and hosts were pinging each other fine when i install the flows manually in switch using ovs-ofctl add-flows command and could verify it as well. The issue I faced was when I logged in to the DLUX interface using (localhost:8080/8181) it learnt the topology and nodes were there as well but when I try to install flows in controller using create flow menu, the drop down list doesnot show any of the nodes learnt. So drop down list is empty and I am unable to add/create flow rules there in my controller. Do you think why is that issue appearing? What can i do to resolve it?

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I have a similar issue , DLUX interface isn't showing the flow menu . Could you please mention the steps you followed to install ODL ? The details related to my installation are here https://ask.opendaylight.org/question/4377/dlux-web-ui-can-see-only-topology/

joshua.jeyaraj ( 2015-07-16 03:28:14 -0700 )edit