Not able to get the nodes topology at the Odl web UI

asked 2015-07-15 06:28:37 -0700

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I have integrated the odl with openstack kilo, using the devstack and odl, devstack uses the networking-odl to integrate the odl. it internally uses the Lithium opendaylight in integration,

i am able to see the openvswitches in the UI. but i am not able the nodes in ODL UI , after launching the vms at openstack ,

br-ex,br-int is connected controller in cotroller node and br-int is set to the manager. in compute node also, br-int is set manager as well as the controller of the odl

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in openflow it is needed to write a flow in switch, which says to send arp packet to controller, if it is OK, pinging nodes will introduce them in controller check it out :

happysmile ( 2015-08-24 00:52:42 -0700 )edit