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Delete Flow HTTP Response 410

asked 2015-07-14 09:14:15 -0700

rolecram gravatar image

Hi, When I send an HTTP DELETE FLOW (via REST API) sometimes (not always) I've got an HTTP Response 410 error (the flow is not deleted from the ODL nor the switch). I am sending five of six HTTP DELETE (one after one), can be this the cause of error? Any idea?

thank you in advance, marcelo

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answered 2015-07-14 09:24:02 -0700

jamoluhrsen gravatar image

Hi Marcelo,

When you get this 410 error, do you see anything interesting in your data/log/karaf.log file?

Are you creating the flow with REST? If so, are you using the exact same flow data to DELETE it?

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Hi jamo: Thanks for your response. I don´t see anything relation to this error in the ODL log file. On the other hand, I´m creating the flow via REST API and the flow inserted is exactly the same the flow I delete. This error ocurrs randomly. I´m using ODL Hydrogen

rolecram ( 2015-07-14 12:19:18 -0700 )edit

oh, if you are using hydrogen I don't think you'll get much support. Are you able to upgrade to the newly released Lithium? if so, I'd be interested if your specific flow still has this periodic issue.

jamoluhrsen ( 2015-07-14 13:18:20 -0700 )edit
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