Routed RPC json input malformed error

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I am trying out a routed RPC. I am referencing the below. However, I have some issues.

I made my yang with a routed-rpc, and I implemented it using

I even put two nodes into the operational tree in the DataBroker. (HelloImpl line 70 - 82) I can see the nodes through API doc, however, It gives input malformed protocol error. I want to know how to denote "node-ref" when I make a rest request. Could you give me any advice on this.

However, I get "malformed-message" errors from my /operations/hello:routedrpc-test method. I tried {hello:input":{"node-ref:":"/nodes/node[id='labry']"}} {hello:input":{"node-ref:":"/nodes/node[id=labry]}} {hello:input":{"node-ref:":"/nodes/node/labry}}

and on and on... but none of them worked. Do you know how to give json format to make it work?

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