How to slice the openflow topology and make it isolated?

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what is the difference and releationship between topomanager ,topo-manager,inventory and network-topology.yang ?? How can I slice the openflow topology based on vlan id or other match fields? I want to slice openflow topology in opendaylight to make each sliced topology isolated based on VLAN ID's value(or other match field),then to make mutiple controllers to control each's sliced topology. Question 1:Could you tell me the difference and relationship about adsal's topomanager,mdsal's topo-manager,invnetory and network-topology.yang?I know topomanager have already be moved to openflow plugins in lithum,why? How long it will take inventory moved to network-topology.yang?At present, network-topology just refer to inventory. but network-topology model provide overlay and underlay method;inventory not provide.Should I to add the function overlay and underlay in inventory, or use network-topology to slice openflow topology? How can I choose? In fact, I prefer tthe network-topology model(because it already provides overlay and underlay method,besides, it is the trend of Topology placement )but it cannot slice openflow topology based on a match field,where should I start? Is it to add a match field in network-topology.yang and add notification?Is this way?Please give me some detailed suggestions.

Question 2:How can I slice openflow topology ?then to make three controllers to control each's sliced topology. I know network-topology model can support overlay and underlay topology ;but because network-topology's poor attribute,it cannot support VLAN ID or other match fields. Topoprocessing project only support slice other protocols's topology,don't stress the isolation of filtered topology(I mean: some flows (which contain VLAN ID =1) use sliced topology one,while other flows(which contain VLAN ID =2) use sliced topology two,thus can ensure topology and traffic isolation) Can adsal's topomanager or mdsal's inventory support overlay and underlay topology? When the topology code will be able to stabilize,stay no change?

I am looking forward to your reply,please explain in detail, thank you very much.

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