How to make a packet classification in OVS via ODL Hydrogen?

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Hi all,

I have prepared the topology: 2 physical hosts and one computer with ODL Hydrogen and OVS 2.0.2 installed. I stream the audio-visual stream from one host to another and transfer the file via the FTP server run on one of the hosts at the same time. The result is packets drop and quality of video is not good. I have created 3 flows in ODL to control the traffic. My target is to make QoS to prioritize stream packets and avoid the influence of downloading file (no changes in video quality during stream and downloading file at the same time). I tried to modify ToS field via Hydrogen and even in Wireshark the classification is shown (DSCP field is filled), there is no effects. Can you please tell me is there another way to prioritize the traffic? I learned something about the queues in OVS but I am curios about ODL Hydrogen solutions. I will be grateful for any kind of answer.

BR Greg

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I figured out. The solution is simply. The necessary action is to create a queues in OVS (one for stream, second for ftp traffic) and then assign those queues to the flows using enqueue:<egress port="">:<queue number=""> action and traffic limitation works :) I hope this info can be useful for someone.

greg ( 2015-07-05 04:33:29 -0800 )edit

Hi Greg, Please could you send me your solution I need exactly the same function that you succeed to implement

berririasma ( 2016-07-25 07:42:40 -0800 )edit