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What does pre-karaf helium version mean?

asked 2015-07-01 01:33:44 -0700

theScratchLad gravatar image

I am trying to develop the toaster plugin on ODL. Beginner to say. I am using the instructions from this page

There it says in the top, "This was last updated for the Helium pre-Karaf release and needs to be updated. Please bear that in mind when reading the content and feel free to help update it."

I am using Karaf Helium Opendaylight I guess as I use ./karaf to run the controller.

So am I cool to go ahead or should I avoid using the above article on toaster plugin development?

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answered 2015-07-06 19:40:47 -0700


It means the toaster tutorial doesn't explain how to deploy the toaster into the karaf container using a feature file. The rest of the tutorial is okay. I would recommend looking at examples to learn how you can write a feature file and reference it from the karaf pom file:

First example

Sample feature bundle:

How to reference it within the karaf pom file:

Second example

Sample feature bundle:

How to reference it within the karaf pom file:


Once you got these done, you will be able to install your feature with the following command:

feature:install your-feature


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Thanks @grmontpetit. I will try these and update you here.

theScratchLad ( 2015-07-07 21:37:05 -0700 )edit
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