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Path computation engine for ODL

asked 2015-06-26 15:54:46 -0700

sahil_sih gravatar image

I am playing the BGP-LS/PCEP project of the ODL. I got the PCEP session between ODL and router to be running. I also got the ODL to learn the topology using BGP-LS. My question is, how does ODL compute the path for a LSP? Does ODL have a path computation engine? If not, are there any such open source softwares which can compute a path and which can be integrated with ODl? Can you give some examples of them?

I am using a cisco ios xr router. When I delegate the LSP, an empty PCReport message is sent, but no reply from ODL. I want to get the path from a particualr source to a destination. ODL has the topology information.

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answered 2015-06-30 02:08:16 -0700

Dana gravatar image


no ODL has no computation engine and personally I'm not aware of any open-source that would do that. PCEP plugin in ODL is only capable of basic tunnel management.

PcReport message is a reply from PCC, ODL is not supposed to react in any way to it, it will just display the LSP parameters to you. ODL gets those parameters from PCC, so if PCC doesn't advertise them, ODL won't know about them.

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