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Configuring flows through YangUI

asked 2015-06-24 18:55:35 -0700

pbhargav gravatar image


I want to configure flow from YangUI, I entered all the needed details in Operational section and then selected PUT. Sending request is not successfull.

But I am able to push the flow through POSTMAN RestAPI.

After some investigation, came to know that for collecting data through POSTMAN, HTTP header type should be Accept and for pushing data [PUT] header type should be Content-type.

My question is, 1. Will I be able to configure flow from YangUI? If yes, Do I need to set any other settings. I have dowloaded karaf distribution and installed all the features necessary for dlux, yang.

Sorry, If i have asked basic question, I am very new to this.


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answered 2015-06-29 10:42:11 -0700

Can you elaborate on the path you used to push the flow ? Also, I might be wrong but I think you should push your flow to the configuration (config) store.

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