How to fetch flow statistics using OSGI bundles?

asked 2015-06-01 02:03:35 -0700

haleema gravatar image


I have been trying to fetch Statistics using OSGI bundles in the controller. I know how to fetch them from the REST API but I need to fetch the stats using the java code. I am using OpenFlow13. I tried importing opendaylight.controller.statisticsmanager but it doesn't exist and Eclipse gives me the option of switching to IOFStatisticsManager. However, when I try to compile the code with maven, I get unresolved references to opendaylight.controller.protocol_plugin.openflow13 by class on the Bundle-Classpath. How can I resolve this?

I can't find any suitable link on how I can use statistics manager in opendaylight.. any help would be appreciated. I really don't know much about Opendaylight since I have only just started.



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