Can L2switch Plugin automatically change communication route?

asked 2015-05-26 18:36:59 -0700

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In Open Flow Switch(Mininet) ring network with loop, when there are two paths between host1 and host2, after disconnencting the one path, connection didn't switch to the other path automatically.

The procedure of this trial is the following.

1.Start the controller "OpenDaylight"

2.Configure the network in mininet by executing this command. sudo mn --controller remote,ip="IPAdressODL",port=8181 --custom /home/mininet/mininet/custom/ --topo mytopo --switch ovsk,protocols=OpenFlow13

*"" is an original setting file for structing specified ring network.

3.Confirm the connection.

mininet pingall

h1 -> h2
h2 -> h1

4.Disconnect the one of the route between h1 and h2.

Link s1 s3 down

5.Confirm the connection.

mininet pingall

Ping: testing ping reachability
h1 -> X
h2 -> X
Results: 100% dropped (0/2 received)

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