Web Hooks/Callbacks?

asked 2015-05-20 12:47:30 -0700

phpHavok gravatar image

The RESTCONF API gives application developers the ability to manipulate the controller. But does OpenDaylight have web hooks? That is, does OpenDaylight provide the ability to automatically contact a script on some Web server whenever an event occurs?

Here is an example use case if you aren't familiar with web hooks. A packet arrives at one of my OVS switches. The switch sends the packet to the controller. The controller realizes that one my scripts has registered for the "packet incoming" event and consequently fires off a GET/POST request to my script so that I can process the incoming packet and send back an appropriate action over RESTCONF.

AD-SAL actually made some sense to me, but MD-SAL does not. I am trying to port over a simple controller module. Doing this entirely through RESTCONF and web hooks would be ideal.

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