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How does traffic control work in SDN

asked 2014-07-22 07:16:23 -0700

Chinthywgcg gravatar image

Hi friend, I'm new to this SDN area, I'm looking technical information for how control the traffic in SDN to achieve QOS. please I want some information about it or a link for better reference.

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answered 2014-07-22 22:02:16 -0700


In general QOS is achieved by creating Queues at switch ports, setting their min/max rate and configuring your switch so that the traffic you want to control should go through those queues. Although realization of this idea depends on type of switch and what protocol it supports. Now in the context of ODL, where It supports more then one south bound plugins that can control switch in specific mode. Like openflowplugin driver can control ovs/hardware switch that supports openflow protocol. Similarly OVSDB driver can control OpenVswitch using ovsdb protocol. All these south bound driver provides flow configuration and in some cases switch queue configuration as well, which you can leverage to enforce QOS in your networking devices. In the context of Openflow protocol, it also provide alternate mechanism, called Meter, specifically for QOS purpose. You can get more detail at the following openflow specification url (Section 5.7 -Meter Table)

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Thank you Anil, I got the Idea...

Chinthywgcg ( 2014-07-25 01:47:20 -0700 )edit
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